Becoming a Russian Pointe Retail Affiliate

Russian Pointe retail affiliates enjoy an unparalleled level of customer service, along with access to a line of pointe shoes that facilitates fitting every dancer, and a range of other beautiful products.

The first step in becoming a retail affiliate is simply getting in touch! Send us an email, use the “contact us” form on the Russian Pointe website, or give us a call.

Creating an account

Once you have expressed your interest, one of our business development representatives will follow up with a personal call. As we start getting to know one another, we’ll find out where you’re located, to ensure that each retail affiliate has security in his or her local marketplace.

Our next step is to send you our catalog and special informational materials that will help you get to know the Russian Pointe product line better, along with our standard agreement for retail affiliates.

Developing your opening order

As soon as your account has been created, the real excitement begins! To help you developing an opening order totally personalized for your needs, we’ll learn about your customers. You’re welcome to give us information as general as your current bestsellers and trends, and as specific as the size and shape of individual dancers’ feet.

We’ll also guide you through the Russian Pointe ordering process; we recognize that all our options can seem complicated at first, but with guidance you’ll discover the underlying simplicity of the line.

Most opening orders include four or five of our eight pointe models, in the most popular sizes and specifications, and often include slippers and pointe accessories. After developing the order with you, we’ll send it for your approval. When the order is finalized, your exquisite Russian Pointes will be on their way to you!

You will receive continuing support, including additional resources and consistent access to customer service. We’ll also announce your new affiliation throughout Russian Pointe social media (according to your preferences), to share the great news with the dance community.

Your partnership with Russian Pointe

From your opening order throughout your partnership with Russian Pointe, you will be given all the support you need and desire. Check out our other article, “Resources for Russian Pointe Retail Affiliates” to learn more about the wealth of resources we offer, from reading materials to personal visits and consultations with our expert pointe fitters and business development team.

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2 thoughts on “Becoming a Russian Pointe Retail Affiliate”

  1. Hello, I am considering perhaps stocking a line of your shoes and would like further information, we are a custom pointe shoe fitters in Sydney Australia
    Thank you for your time
    Lisa Gordeno, Bellairs Newport custom Pointe

    1. Hello Lisa,

      One of our sales representatives will be following up with you soon! Thank you for your interest in Russian Pointe!

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