The Best Ways To Prepare For Competitions

Competitions can be stressful and intimidating. But they don’t have to be if you prepare correctly and have the right tools for the job! RP is dedicated to providing you with high quality, innovative products that will help you reach your goals.

In order to provide the best advice on competition prep, we consulted with three of our highly esteemed RP Teachers: Alexei Kremnev, Anna Reznik, and Stephanie Murrish.

What is the best way to handle competition nerves?

“Being well prepared,” says Reznik and Kremnev. They also mention that it is important to “have realistic expectations,” in order to keep nerves at bay and prevent disappointment.  Reznik and Kremnev add, “view each competition as a positive learning experience.” Additionally, Murrish states that the best way to handle competition nerves is to “pray, breathe, and focus.”

How can you make your performance stand out?

When it comes to making your performance stand out, Murrish says to perform your “dance clean and smile.” While Reznik and Kremnev emphasize that “quality and artistry will help to make you to stand out, but this is the result of your preparation process.” They added, “you also would have to highlight the best sides of your talent.”

What are the best things to do the day of competition?

Reznik and Kremnev recommend doing “nothing different from your usual preparation.” The main thing to keep in mind is to “be focused and well prepared,” says Reznik and Kremnev. Murrish adds that it is important to do a “simple class” the day of competition.

Other competition tips.

Reznik and Kremnev say it is important to “have a couple of dress run throughs before the competition so all elements (costume, make-up, music, shoes, tights) are in place and you feel comfortable.” While Murrish says “remember that competition is not a do or die situation. It is an experience in the training process.” 

What RP products would recommend having in your dance bag the day of the competition?

Stretch ribbon and booties,” says Reznik and Kremnev. Additionally, Murrish says to have a “sewing kit, exercise band, foam roller, booties, and of course RP ballet shoes and pointe shoes.”


Before founding A&A Ballet in Chicago, Anna Reznik and her husband, Bolshoi graduate Alexei Kremnev, were founding artistic directors of Joffrey Ballet’s Academy and Studio Company. A graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Ms. Reznik toured throughout the world as a Principal Artist with the Moscow Festival Ballet (later the Russian National Ballet), England’s Northern Ballet Theatre, Cincinnati Ballet, BalletMet, Tulsa Ballet Theatre, as well as in the galas with the Bolshoi, Russian and European Stars of the Ballet, often performing alongside her award-winning husband.

Stephanie Murrish, a former principal ballerina, danced with her husband as a principal couple for many years. Murrish’s son is continuing her legacy as a professional ballet artist with the Atlanta Ballet. Currently, Murrish teaches dance at Theatre Arts in Oklahoma and, she feels very blessed to have a group of beautiful students!

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