Mackenzie Brown

RP Ambassador, Mackenzie Brown

School- Academie de Danse Princess Grace

Perfect Fit- Rubin U-cut

Age- 14

Get to know our Brand Ambassador Mackenzie Brown


1. What are the 3 must haves that are in your dance bag?

     3 must haves in my dance bag: my Russian Pointe pointe shoes

     my Russian Pointe thera band and a foot roller to roll

     my arches out


2. What is your favorite dance move and why?

     My favorite dance move is pirouettes because I love to turn.

     Just the feeling when you finish a great pirouette is the best.


3. If you could perform with any dance company in the world,
which one would it be and why?

     If I could perform with any dance company in the world,

     it would have to be Paris opera or (a not so specific one) a

     company that does classical ballet and contemporary.


4. What is the best stretch you have done to help improve your flexibility?

     The best stretch I have done to improve my flexibility is any

     kind of quadricep stretch. My quad get sore a lot so I love to

     stretch them out.


5. If you could choreograph any dance, in any style, what would it be and
what song would you choose?

     If I could choreograph any dance, I would choreograph a

     contemporary piece with some kind of unique instrumental music.


6. Who has influenced you the most?

     The person that has influenced me the most would have to

     be Dusty Button or Misty Copeland. They both work so

     hard and it shows that hard work pays off!


7. What is the most asked question you get from people who don’t dance?

     The questions I get asked most often from people who don’t

     dance is “how many turns can you do on your toes?”


8. What is one area you would love to improve on?

     One area I would love to improve in is  breathing while I

     dance because o tend to hold my breath and work on making

     my technique clean and precise.


9. What is one thing you have learned from dance that transfers to every day life?

     One thing I have learned from dance that transfer to real

     life is you get what you put in. It means if you put in hard

     work then you will get a good result, but if you put in lazy

     work you will have no result.


10. What quote do you live by?

     One of the quotes that I live by is good things take time.

     I look at this quote everyday to remind myself that you can’t

     just automatically do a step perfect. You have to keep prescribing

     and practicing and eventually it will come.