Benefits of Russian Pointe Shoes

Benefits of Russian Pointe shoes

What are the benefits of Russian Pointe pointe shoes?

For a dancer, Russian Pointe pointe shoes are a dream come true. It’s not surprising that so many dancers are eager to continue wearing these exquisite, comfortable, long-lasting and precisely-fitting pointe shoes throughout their training and careers.

For a teacher or artistic director, Russian Pointe inspires confidence and loyalty because of reliable pointe fitting and pointe shoe performance, which increase the likelihood that each dancer will perform at her best. Also, Russian Pointe maintains a consistent appearance from one pointe model to the next, even though the models are so structurally individual. This is important to many dance teachers and directors, who often seek a uniform appearance among the pointe shoes of a class or corps de ballet.

Exceptional fit
Only in Russian Pointe pointe shoes does a dancer have an opportunity to enjoy a custom fit without custom-ordered pointe shoes. After choosing among pointe models designed to accommodate different foot shapes, the professional pointe fitter refines the fitting through width and vamp selection. Finally, the dancer, in consultation with the fitter, can choose a shank type and strength that best facilitate her individual ballet technique and style.

Russian Pointe pointe shoes are made from materials of the very highest quality, with brilliant craftsmanship, for both superb function and exquisite appearance. Dancers find them the most beautiful and highest-performance pointe shoes they have experienced.

Dancers want to know that after they find a favorite pointe shoe model and size, they will be able to replace it exactly. Thanks to Russian Pointe’s attention to quality control, dancers can be confident that they will find a high level of consistency from one pair of pointe shoes to the next.

The most important aspect of a pointe shoe is how it supports the foot. Russian Pointe pointe shoes feature unique engineering, particularly in the metatarsal area, for unmatched support throughout the entire performance life of the pointe shoe.

Dancers find that Russian Pointe pointe shoes need replacing less frequently. Their durability is a factor of both their overall high quality and their precise fitting. When a pointe shoe’s shape is matched to the foot, and when shank type and shank strength are appropriate for both the foot shape and the dancer’s technique, the pointe shoe is under less stress and maintains its supportive qualities longer.