Jewels and Spotlight Shanks

Jewels and Spotlight Shanks

What shanks are available in the Russian Pointe Jewels and Spotlight Collections?

Spotlight (Lumina, Brava, Encore, Muse, Entrada Pro) and Jewels (Almaz, Rubin, Sapphire) models feature “next generation” shanks. These shanks have extreme pliability and durability, and are made of completely natural materials.

Spotlight and Jewels models are available in four shank choices, including both Standard and Flexible options.

FS– Flexible Soft
FM – Flexible Medium
FH – Flexible Hard
H – Standard Hard

Russian Pointe’s innovative Flexible shanks have a special cut-out design that enhances lightness and flexibility in roll-through and demi-pointe.

Standard shanks have a solid construction, while Flexible shanks are cut out behind the ball of the foot. Standard shanks are designed for strength behind the ball of the foot, for springing to pointe, hops on pointe and other high-impact choreography.