Muscles Involved with Pointework

What muscles are involved with pointework?

Dancing on pointe requires strength, balance and flexibility throughout the body. Core strength – having strong, lifted abdominal muscles – is especially important.

It’s also helpful to know what muscles of the legs and feet are involved with strength and stability on pointe. Use this guide as a key to the muscles used in Dr. Lisa M. Schoene’s essential exercises for dancers.

G – gastrocnemius
S – soleus
PB – peroneus brevis
PL – peroneus longus
TA – tibialis anterior
TP – tibialis posterior
FHL – flexor hallucis longus
FDL flexor digitorum longus


Dr. Lisa M. Schoene Dr. Lisa Schoene, DPM, ATC, FACFAS, is a triple board certified sports-medicine podiatrist with a specialty in dance. She treats dancers at every level, from beginners to professionals to teachers, and is an expert at evaluating pointe readiness, teaching injury prevention, and treating injuries that do occur. In addition to working with clientele including The Joffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance and many other companies, studios and athletic teams, Dr. Schoene is a prolific writer, teacher and lecturer on sports and dance medicine. Based in the Chicago area, she practices at Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine (

Muscles used during pointe