Preparing for a Pointe Fitting

How should the dancer prepare for a pointe shoe fitting?

She should prepare her feet as she would for dance class or performance, and she should wear comfortable street clothes (dancewear is not required unless requested by the teacher).

What to wear
Clothing should be comfortable but not baggy. The fitter will need to see the dancer’s placement throughout her body. If pants are worn, they should be able to be rolled up to show the ankles.

Show the feet
Avoid footed tights or other clothing that would make it hard for the fitter to see the bare feet and ankles. Stockings should be lightweight – similar in weight to dance tights; fitters typically provide light stockings for dancers to wear.

Foot care
Avoid fitting right after a dance class or other exercise, when feet may be swollen. Prepare the feet in the same way as for pointe class. Gently stretch the feet and ankles to avoid strain and cramping on pointe. File nails so that they do not protrude beyond the flesh of the toes, but not low enough to cause inflammation. Make sure that feet are clean and dry.

How to prepare for a pointe shoe fitting