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Jewels and Spotlight Collection Shanks

Choosing a Russian Pointe Shank

Choosing a first-try pointe shoe

How should I choose the first-try pointe shoe model?

evaluating pointe shoe size and width

How should I evaluate pointe shoe size and width?

refining fit during a pointe shoe fitting

How should I refine a dancer’s pointe shoe fitting?

choosing a pointe shoe shank

Shank Choice: Case Studies

Russian Pointe Pointe Shoes

Why are Russian Pointes the best-selling pointe shoes for hundreds of retailers?

RP Pointe Shoe Vamps

Choosing a Russian Pointe Vamp

RP size and width

Choosing a Russian Pointe Size and Width

Choosing a pointe shoe model

Choosing a Russian Pointe Model

Pointe Shoe Durability

What can worn pointe shoes tell me?

Questions to ask during a pointe shoe fitting

What questions should I ask during a pointe shoe fitting?

evaluating dancers for pointe fittings
How do I evaluate dancers before a pointe shoe fitting?
Performing pointe shoe fittings

How should I give pointe shoe fittings?

Setting up a pointe shoe fitting area.

How should I set up my pointe shoe fitting area?