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Russian Pointe Advantage

Russian Pointe pointe shoes

Why are Russian Pointes the best-selling pointe shoes for hundreds of retailers?

Russian Pointe’s pointe collections, customer service, marketing resources and comprehensive pointe-fitting training options are designed specifically to help you overcome each of the challenges of selling pointe shoes.

Russian Pointe offers an unsurpassed variety within our line of pointe shoes. Every possible foot type is targeted by at least one pointe model. Every variation of foot shape and technical need is addressed by our available pointe specifications in width, vamp and shank. With Russian Pointe pointe shoes, retailers can truly fit every single dancer within one pointe shoe brand. As a Russian Pointe retail affiliate, you receive all the consultation you need, from our suggested initial order to our constant availability to discuss your precise needs and questions. Our retail affiliates have all the tools they need to succeed. They are able to offer customers exactly what they need for their own success on pointe.

Russian Pointe provides training resources to help you ensure that each dancer is receiving the best pointe fit and service. We offer a wealth of resources on expert pointe fitting, from basics like understanding pointe shoe construction and dancers’ foot types, to in-depth articles about the details of pointe fitting. We also offer pointe fitting training at seminars here in Chicago and pointe shoe trunk shows at your own location, with expert pointe fitters from Russian Pointe.

Russian Pointe requires our retail affiliates to maintain consistent pricing. This means that you won’t be undersold. Dancers won’t have an incentive to mail-order pointe shoes instead of buying in your store. In addition, we provide marketing and educational materials about the benefits of Russian Pointe pointe shoes, pointe shoes in general, and dancing on pointe, to help you educate your dancers and keep them informed about all you have to offer.

Personal Customer Service
When you contact Russian Pointe, we answer personally. We do everything in our power to make sure that your needs are met, from helping with your orders to consulting on your pointe shoe fitting challenges. We are available by phone, by email and by mail, and we process orders and other requests immediately. We believe that your success is our success.

As a Russian Pointe retail affiliate, you have access to all the tools you need to make your pointe shoe business successful. Russian Pointe pointe shoes are the finest on the market. They are designed to allow you to provide superb pointe fitting to every dancer. And Russian Pointe provides training and consultation every step of the way.