Pointe Shoe Longevity

Pointe Shoe Longevity

How long do pointe shoes last?

You can usually expect about 12-15 hours of wear from a pair of pointe shoes. To get the most out of that lifespan, follow some basic care principles.

Because they are made of natural materials, most pointe shoes break down when wet. It’s extremely important to let them dry out after dancing.

Use a mesh bag outside your dance bag to carry pointe shoes after class. (Some dance bags come with external mesh bags for this purpose.) use the entire model is created around the pre-arched shape, pre-arching can’t be “added” to an existing model. However, if you have a model you like but wish it had pre-arching, you may be able to choose a pre-arched model that will also meet your needs. Originally, pre-arching was only available in Entrada, from the Classic Collection. Today, we have eight pre-arched models! In addition to Entrada, Rubin and Sapfir from the Jewels Collection, and all five models of the Spotlight Collection are all pre-arched, suiting a variety of foot shapes.

Remove toe pads immediately after use and store them separately from the shoes.

Never allow your pointe shoes to be squashed, and always set them out to air-dry thoroughlybetween classes, ideally for at least 24 hours.

When dancers wear pointe shoes daily, they often alternate pairs so that each pair has time to dry completely before being worn again. Read more about replacing pointe shoes when they no longer provide proper support.