Sewing Elastics on Pointe Shoes

Sewing Elastic on Pointe Shoes

How should I sew elastics onto pointe shoes?

The primary purpose of elastics is to keep the pointe shoe heel secure, but they can also give a more form-fitting appearance and add a touch of extra support throughout the shoe.

The most common placement is a single elastic across the front of the ankle, from one side of the heel to the other.

Some dancers prefer two elastics, crossed over the instep (top of foot). This placement both holds the heel secure and helps pull the shoe close to the foot to highlight the arch. One end of each crisscrossed elastic should be placed near the heel. The other end should be placed near the side seam of the shoe.

With either method, elastics may be sewn to either the inside or the outside of the shoe, depending on the teacher’s and dancer’s preferences. For performance, they should always be sewn to the inside.

For the most refined appearance, elastics can be sewn so that they are mostly or totally hidden by the ribbons.