BALLET SERIES – Alphabet Set (Russian Edition)

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BALLET SERIES – Alphabet Set (Russian Edition)


Delightful on its own and the perfect companion to our Russian Edition books and Ballet Series play sets, this set extends children’s play and learning with a complete ballet-themed Russian alphabet! Each letter is illustrated with a picture and word for a ballet step, theme or character, including vocabulary from the Ballet Series books. The Russian Alphabet Set can be enjoyed by Russian-speaking children, or as a second-language learning tool by those who speak other languages (with the help of an online pronunciation guide).

Alphabet Sets

Sturdy, bendable letters, each with a themed illustration, are sized just right for younger children’s hands, for many hours of enjoyment and learning. Children learn the alphabet and vocabulary words as they match each letter piece to the corresponding letter on the backdrop and say the word illustrated with the letter. They learn about different kinds of words as they classify the letters into categories such as instruments, ideas and people. The letters may be used on the included fold-out backdrop and will also stick to any smooth, firm, clean surface, leaving no sticky residue. Children can enjoy seeing their favorite letters, pictures and words on windows, walls, tables and more! Each set comes in a carrying bag with handles for on-the-go play.


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