Muse U-Cut with Drawstring

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MUSE U-CUT – Pointe Shoes with Drawstring

Let Muse be your inspiration for gorgeous pointework and delicious comfort. Russian Pointe’s roomiest pointe shoe, Muse features the pliable shanks, pre-arched construction and exquisite appearance of the Spotlight Collection, with a drawstring, generous box, medium crown and extra-wide toe platform. Dancers most likely to choose Muse U-Cut Pointe Shoes have broad or even-length toes or wear thicker padding, such as gel pads.

Muse is optimal for fuller profile feet with even-length toes. Our roomiest shoe!

  • Extra-wide toe platform
  • Generous box
  • Medium crown

Spotlight Collection

Exquisite in both form and function, the Spotlight Collection combines the most advanced performance features with the spotlight-worthy elegance of traditionally handcrafted pointe shoes made entirely of natural materials. Russian Pointe’s revolutionary pre-arched construction mimics the shape of the foot on pointe, to highlight the arch while facilitating pointework and minimizing break-in. Pliable, long-lasting shanks follow your every move with support and grace. The hand-sculpted classical box and smoothly fitting heel provide the perfect embrace for the foot. In six widths, six shank options, a choice of V-cut or U-cut and a versatile array of model shapes, the Spotlight Collection earns a standing ovation for every performance. Learn more about Russian Pointe Shoes.

RP Size Conversion Chart
RP Pointe Shoe Specifications

*Please visit your local retailer to determine your proper sizes for dance shoes.

5 reviews for Muse U-Cut with Drawstring

  1. Isabelle

    These are my absolute favorite pointe shoes! If you have strong feet, long toes, and love ballet, these are the shoes for you.

  2. Amanda Beam (verified owner)

    I love these pointe shoes! I’ve been buying them for two years.

  3. Donna Lail (verified owner)

    I have tried many other shoes and nothing works like the Muse. The widths available vastly exceed other shoe makers and are especially nice for dancers with wide feet.

  4. Karlee Jenkins

    These shoes are great if you have wider feet as a dancer. They are great for longer toes and high arches as I have found with my experience. I’ve purchased 3 pairs so far and don’t plan on switching any time soon!

  5. Donna Lail (verified owner)

    The best choice for my crazy strong feet and wide metatarsal region. Tried many others and nothing fits as well.

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