The Snow Maiden Opera – Storybook

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The Snow Maiden – Storybook


Join the mystical Snow Maiden’s journey into the human realm as she learns to trust her inner light and share it with the world. Based on a traditional Russian fairytale, the opera by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov has been a worldwide favorite since its debut at the Mariinsky Theater in 1882. As they enjoy this delightful retelling, children also go behind the scenes at the opera to learn about music and theater.

Music Series Storybooks

These engaging stories and whimsical illustrations delight children and parents alike, imparting lessons about courage, loyalty and being true to oneself. The “Themes and Values” notes integrated into the pages challenge young readers to think critically and relate the stories to their own lives. Music and theater vocabulary words are highlighted in the text and compiled into a glossary with beautiful photographs to illustrate each term. The experience of live theater leaps from the page, endearing children to the performing arts. Each Music Series Storybook is based on a famed musical piece, in genres including symphony, opera and musical theater.


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